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RoyalFlycatcher Birding Tours & Nature Photography is specializing in top-quality birdwatching, nature Photography and conservation throughout Neotropical countries

Join us on a voyage of discovery to explore some wonderful places looking for birds, meet local people and learn local culture Mainly in Mexico and CentralAmerica.

RoyalFlycatcher Birding offer birdwatching, nature photography and wildlife holidays. Let us to share of enthusiasm from leaders who love to share their knowledge. We can be your guides for a birdwatching day trip or tour, we offers small group bird watching tours and nature photography adventures for all skill levels.

We support many local educational and environmental protection efforts to keep the best habitat for the birds. Our guides experience include leading birding tours, teaching census techniques, monitoring and capturing different groups of birds (such as shorebirds, raptors, owls, passerines, and waterbirds) and directed birding workshops in order to train local guide and monitors. Currently, teach local people about sustainable tourism; as photographer have been participate in different exhibitions. 

We keep our website as up to date as possible with news from our recent holidays, exciting video clips of wildlife seen on our tours and follow us via Instagram, website, Facebook and YouTube.


We can answer you at any time of the day. We solve your doubts, or if you want a trip or know more about our work, do not hesitate to write or call.

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