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Neotropical Birds

Discovery the Neotropical Birds
Gorgojo Cabeza Dorada (Compsus auricepha

Through time and travel, RoyalFlycatcher has documented much of Biodiversity, mainly of birds in Mexico, and in other parts of the world (United States, Canada, Central America, Brazil, Cuba, Spain).


The high diversity of birds existing in the Neotropics is well known. But it is also one of the regions where very little is known about the ecology of many birds. There is information about the decrease in the number of individuals and species due to habitat loss and climate change. Many species are disappearing from their ranges and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find certain birds on observation trips. The objective of the Neotropical Birds project is to provide society with knowledge about bird species in the Neotropics and share their intimate behavior that our style and rhythm of life have not allowed us to know. For RoyalFlycatcher, the Neotropical Birds project seeks to document and generate information on birds in the Neotropics, as a conservation tool.

Alberto Martínez Fernández

96 7142 9969


Biologist, ornithologist, certified guide, specialist in birdwatching, nature photography and video. His passion for birds started at an early age; now with more than 20 years of experience. He has collaborated with national and international agencies for bird conservation.


Founder of RoyalFlycatcher, seeking to promote love for birds and their conservation.

Miguel Ángel Sicilia

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Biologist, photographer, editor and content designer, focused on highlighting the natural diversity of Mexico, using photography and video as my main tools, freelance since January 2020.